Western States

I’m going to run the Western States 100.

They say the first step to reaching a goal is to put it out there on ‘paper.’  So here it is – I’m going to run Western States.

Western States is the oldest 100 mile trail (running) race.  It’s also one of the most prestigious – like the Masters at Augusta National or the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.  The difference though – I can run Western.  Some might argue if I played enough golf or rode enough horses, I could tee it up with Rory in the Masters or race the Kentucky Derby.  But therein lies the magic of Western States – anyone can run it.  Anyone can toe the line in Squaw Valley, as long as …

  1. You complete a 100 mile qualifier
  2. You’re chosen in the lottery

Currently I haven’t completed a qualifier, nor do I have any entries in the lottery, but we’ll get into that later in this blog.  For now – we’re putting it on ‘paper’ – I’m going to run Western States.

If only it were as easy as that first sentence …

But if it were easy, everyone would do it.  And how much fun is that?

18 thoughts on “Western States

    1. darkskyrunner Post author

      Thanks Nicole! There was a time when I didn’t think I could run a half marathon, but I kept pushing myself a little further. I’ve never been fast, so I challenge myself with the distance.


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    1. janerunswild

      I totally read your post incorrectly– it is an amazing goal and you will one day! I am thinking about signing up for my first ultra this summer actually…I will need your advice! Hope the running is going well these days!



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