Week of 12/6/15 … so begins the taper

Miles this week: 31

2015 YTD: 1289

I’m three weeks to the day from my next race – the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge.  This should’ve been my peak week before rolling into taper mode next week, but due to some ankle discomfort on my Friday morning run, this week ended up kicking off the taper.


I was going to take Saturday / Sunday off and rest up the ankle, but today was too nice.  I decided to go out for a short trail run to test the ankle.  It held up fabulously!  I forgot how much harder it is to run the trails though.  That’ll likely be my one negative going into this race.  I haven’t spent enough time on the trails.  Almost all (ok – all) of my training has been on the roads.  It’s tough to get on the trails this time of year with the darkness.  I’ll just take it a bit slower and call it good.

Looking at my training log, the last 3 weeks prior to my races this year I’m only averaging 50 miles over that time span so I’m not too concerned about missing some miles this weekend.  I don’t know why that number is so low, but it’s like I build up and burn out then relax into the race.  I guess it works for me.


My early week runs were good.  10 milers on Tuesday and Thursday.  I think my heart rate training is finally starting to pay off.  I noticed a drop of about 30sec / mile on my Tuesday run over the previous Tuesday.  I’m excited to see where I end up after a couple of months of this.  Have you tried heart rate training before?  Have any luck?

Aside from my trail run today, I got to spend some time w/one of my daughters at the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy tike hike.  These are always fun.  She loved pointing out the moss and ferns, running down the hills and ‘stirring up the leaves to make soup!’12339338_10153946320253984_3580485032339577235_o copy.jpg

Next week is the start of the ‘real’ taper and I’m probably looking at something between 35-40 miles.

Oh, one other thing I remembered – it was over 60 degrees here in Michigan today.  Other than the running on the trails which will be hard for me during my upcoming race, I’m guessing Winter’s finally going to show her face.  So instead of running in this beautiful weather, I’m probably going to get smacked in the face with 12 degrees and blowing snow.  I won’t know what to wear since it’s been so long since I’ve had to run in that weather.  Oh well, it’ll be fun nonetheless!

How was your week of running?

Did you enjoy the nice weather?

What’s your next race?


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