I love Kalamazoo. And my heart aches.


I’m not writing about running tonight – so no hard feelings from me if you’d like to take a  pass on this post.




I live in Kalamazoo.  Yes, there is really a Kalamazoo.  If you didn’t know about us prior to Saturday night, unfortunately you do now.

We experienced the same tragedy that many other cities have known all too well.   And my heart aches for the families of those who were murdered.

I’m not going to lie – things are different when it’s this close to home.  When a woman’s shot six miles from your house – when four women are murdered in the parking lot of the restaurant where you took your 4yr old daughter to dinner just last week – when you have friends and family who work with friends and family of people who were murdered – it’s different.

And that’s the shitty part of it – it feels different, but it’s really not – this shit. happens. all. the. time.

Sure we could get into the politics of how we can, or can’t, should or shouldn’t prevent this type of a tragedy in the future.  But that started the minute that the news broke.  And quite frankly I find that disgusting.

No, I’d rather just say my heart aches for the families.  For this community.   And I wish you didn’t have to hear about Kalamazoo this way.  It’s a wonderful city with wonderful people and I’m proud to raise my family here.

I love Kalamazoo.

And my heart aches.

My thoughts are with the families of those who were murdered.

And I feel shitty that this feels different.

But I love Kalamazoo.  And my heart aches.

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