Who’s the darkskyrunner?


IMG_3839.JPGHi – I’m TJ.  I’m a regular guy, with a beautiful family, who likes to run.  I consider myself a runner, and I do run races, but I don’t consider myself a racer.  I run to enjoy the outdoors and if that means stopping for a couple minutes to enjoy the view, or the stars, while I’m running – so be it.  I’m not fast anyway, and I’m ok with that.

I mostly run the predawn hours so I can enjoy the day with my girls.  Weekend breakfast with them is my favorite time of the week – chatting about the upcoming day with them, eating the ‘same cereal!’ and sipping hot coffee is awesome.

My goal is to run the Western States endurance run.  I’ve run three ultra marathons, and am training for my fourth – my first 50 miler in 2016.  From there, I’ll build up to my first 100 miler in 2017.  I don’t believe a 100 miler is something to just jump into – I want to work my way up to that distance over a few years.  I believe I need to not only train my body, but my mind, to handle that distance.  It doesn’t happen over night.

I also now blog, and this is my journey – as I work my way toward the Western States 100.  I hope to share stories of my training, of things I’ve learned along the way, race reports and how I manage training for ultras as a husband and a dad.

You’re welcome to follow along.

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Fun facts …

  1. I’ve been on the History Channel -> Decisive Battles series / Battle of Fallen Timbers.
  2. Longest run – 33.5 miles, 2015 Kal-Haven Trail Run
  3. Longest run (time) – 7hrs 52min at the 2015 Marquette Trail 50k
  4. Coldest run – 3hrs at -14 degrees F

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