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Week in review – 10/25/15

Miles this week: 3

2015 YTD: 1067

After my 3 miler on Tuesday, I spend the week on the DL.  My ankle was in rough shape after the Grand Rapids Marathon.

I spent the weekend, in New Orleans, with my wife.  I took my running shoes, but never ended up running.  I’m anxious to get out there this week and test the ankle again.  While I never ran in the big easy, I did walk about 20 miles over the course of the weekend and the ankle felt pretty good.

New Orleans was a good trip – awesome food!  If you make it down there, I recommend Lüke – very good gumbo and shrimp / grits.  Also, if you make it down there – DON’T STAY ON BOURBON STREET.  It might be fun to party, but when you’re ready to sleep, it’s nice to sleep.

The beignets at Cafe Du  Monde – definitely a winner!


‘Coffee is strong at the Cafe Du Monde
The donuts are too hot to touch
Just like a fool, when those sweet goodies cool
I eat ’til I eat way too much’ – Jimmy Buffett ‘The Wino & I Know’

We spent Saturday riding out to a couple of the plantations, had a nice lunch at Oak Alley and awesome tour at Laura Plantation.  It was on the drive out to the plantations that I saw my alligator roadkill – not something you see in Michigan!


The remnants of hurricane Patricia rolled in late Saturday night so we had one last nice dinner and bounced out of town early (Sunday vs. Monday), and we’re back to Michigan.

Here’s to a week with some more miles and more stars!